Friday, June 8, 2012

Adios, amigo

The date of today marks the end of the production in Spain of an emblematic car of the 70 and 80's, the Ford Fiesta. This car started his life here in the newly constructed Ford plant in Almussafes (Valencia)in 1976, and late last year reached the Fiesta n. 5.000.000, with the production stopped during the years 1996-2002. The Fiesta had six generations of the model, including a totally new designed Fiesta in 2002 that nothing had in common but the name with the 1976 car. These pictures that I took last year here in Pamplona shows one Fiesta with license plates from the first year of the production of the model, 1976. In that year, a the price of the Fiesta was about 177.200 pesetas (1.067 euros!)