Sunday, October 26, 2014

Politi-Car propaganda

The propaganda services of the regime of general Franco always were interested in mostrate the success of spanish industry and in these years the little Biscuter was one of the few spanish built cars.
Here are two shots of movie stars from the era posing with the Biscuter. Pictures are trom spanish magazines "Garbo" dated in 1956.
The Biscuter series 100 was the typical small and economic cars that some european countries built as response to the critical economic situation of the era. Designed by french designer Gabriel Voisin in late 40´s, drew no interest in France and was licensed it to "Autonacional S.A." in Spain. Built from 1953 to the early 60´s with a production of 12.000 units of all variants, very few of this two-seat and 240kg and aluminium body car survived today, mostly of them in museums.
Italian actress Marina Berti
Hollywood actress Patricie Wymbre (3rd wife of Errol Flynn)
Commercial ad.